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Turkey's milk production and exports rise

Teksüt Chairman Cevdet Arınık, noting that Turkey's milk production increased by over 50 percent in the last seven years, said that production reached 20 million tons

A panel was held at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Career Development Implementation and Research Center with the attendance Chairman Cevdet Arınık of Teksüt, Chairman of Al Baraka Turk Bank CFO Temel Hazıroğlu. Academician Dr. Hamit Akçay moderated the panel and the issue of "Ambition", which was considered as the gold key of success, was discussed. 

Teksüt Chairman Cevdet Arınık stated that it was not possible to get anything without the struggle and said "The main thing that brings success with the struggle is the hard work, not the work".

We caught 20 million tons of milk production
Since Teksüt was founded in 1956, Cevdet Arınık has shared the phases they have been through with students and also touched on milk production and the development of the sector in Turkey."Milk production in Turkey regularly rising, the dairy industry is developing steadily and our dairy exports with them is also rising on a regular basis," said Arınık, has shared the following information: "12 million tons of milk produced in Turkey in 2010, in 2017 20 million 700 thousand tons milk was produced. About half of the produced pork was used by the dairy industry. Production is growing regularly. We are both processing and exporting this milk. There is demand for milk populous countries in the neighboring region of Turkey. In addition, distant geographies also stand out for potential markets for milk. As Teksut we export to Taiwan for example. Our state is also working to sell dairy products to China. In light of all of our milk production in Turkey, I think it is clear that the future of the dairy sector."
In the panel where the students have shown great interest, the Rector of the University. Dr. Süleyman Özdemir presented a plaque of appreciation to the panelists.

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