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Muratbey's export breakthrough to the EU

Muratbey approved the export of milk and dairy products with the lift of the export ban and sent his first products to EU countries

Muratbey, who is one of the few companies that have been granted the permission of "the Control Procedure of Dairy Establishments to be Approved for Export to EU Countries", has made the first export to EU. Muratbey Chairman Necmi Erol stated that the ban applied to Turkish brands since 2002 constitutes a serious obstacle to the export activities. "It was very important for our country to lift the export ban to Europe. After this ban was lifted, we were able to become one of the few companies that were entitled to this permission by passing through strict controls brought by the European Union to the production process. In the last month, we passed all the inspections and realized our first export to the EU. We started exporting many kinds of products to 6 European countries especially Germany, Holland, France. We aim to reach all EU countries by the end of the year. "

Necmi Erol stated that they believe it will make a significant contribution to the Turkey's economy, to expand its export routes ofTurkey; "As Muratbey, we are proud of bringing our unique products to the European market. Delivering our products to countries that are particularly successful in milk and dairy products is a national success. With the entry of our products into the EU market, our communication efforts via TV and social media gained strenght. The returns we received are quite gratifying. This achievement will enable us to reach our 2018 growth targets."

"The opportunity of export of dairy products to Europe has been arranged"
Increasing the number of countries they are exporting, Muratbey supplies products to many countries of the world such as USA, Japan, Middle East countries, Turkic Republics, Balkan countries, TRNC and other European countries.

Erol also stated, "With the support and strength Turquality has given us, we are confidently moving forward with our goals. After the first products we brought to Europe, we closely followed the shelves and the results we saw and the returns we received made us very happy. We have once again realized that Europe wants to see Muratbey's Turkish delicacies on their table. As a brand with quality, delicious and innovative products, we want to make Turkish cheese brand in the world. We will increase our brand awareness with advertising works that we will do in other countries that we export. "

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