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Marmarabirlik is pioneering in exports

We talked about the company's work abroad with Marmarabirlik Chairman Hidamet Asa

Marmarabirlik, with olive and olive oil sales for the last 5 years, has become the top exporter. How many countries do you currently export to? In which countries have you been working recently? What are your goals for exports?
In the coming periods, we plan to sell 50 thousand tons of products per year and we hope that we will increase this number every year. For this purpose, we will firstly increase our product purchases, while at the same time we will make investments with the profitability to be obtained as a result of our efforts to increase our sales and give more support to our partners. Marmarabirlik, known as an institution that made lost in the past, took its place in 347th place among the top 500 industrial companies determined by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry for sale from production today. Marmarabirlik increased its product purchases with each passing year and showed the same success in sales, increased the number of exported countries to 54, and got the first prize 5 times in olive and olive oil exports. Marmarabirlik, which holds a significant portion of black olive exports in our country, takes its share of exports to 54  countries share with its products. Exports in compared to 2005 is increased by 121 to the rate of the issue. We achieve 20 percent of our country's black olive exports. Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway with contracted buyers to Europe, as well as to Canada, Australia, Russia and the TRNC are offered to consumers.We are working to export to the Middle East, Asian and African countries and to get more space in the market.

You do not only go into the shelves of different national market chains, you also invest abroad. What are they?
Gemlik olives comes to mind first in Turkey. This is our luck. Every year we buy products from the same region, from the same distance and from the same tree. Naturalness, quality and most important trust that consumers want is in our products. Marmarabirlik, the leading brand in the natural production table olive industry, is dominated by 90% of domestic olive market with the power of 8 cooperatives and 32 thousand producer partners, with the highest share of shelf and highest turnover. We are also continuing our efforts to establish a warehouse and packaging facility in Germany to shorten the logistics process of our overseas sales in Cologne.

What are the targets of Marmarabirlik in short and long term?
We plan to increase the support we have made by our producer partners, to end the years of production, to annihilate in production, to give trainings to our partners, and to produce solutions scientifically. Marmarabirlik ARGELAB established on food within the scope of our R & D investments and among our targets, to give our company an accredited laboratory title and to provide soil and leaf analysis to our partners. In addition, we plan to increase the quality standards of our cooperatives by making the necessary investments, we aim to add strength to Marmarabirlik's brand power, while our partners plan to provide fuel support after fertilizer and agricultural drug support with regular deliveries.

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