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Far East initiative from Tamek

In 2017, Tamek increased its exports to the Far East 18 percent over the previous year. For 2018, exports to the Far East are expected to increase by 30 percent

Tamek will increase its presence in the region in 2018, adding South Korea, Indonesia and Fiji to Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia and China, which are the countries already exported to in the Far East. As a result of all these activities, Tamek will increase exports to the region by 30 per cent in 2018.

Tamek's most popular products in the Far East are 100 percent tomato juice, 100 percent apple juice, pomegranate juice and mixed fruit juice. Far East consumers, when it comes to food products; prefer Tamek tomato products with its traditional, abundant fruit-based, homemade jams. Tamek is reformulating the products exported to the region when necessary, to make them suitable for the taste of the local people.

Taking great importance to the Far East market, Tamek also exhibited his products at the Food and Hotel Asia (FSH) Fair 2018 in Singapore between 24-27 April, in contact with the leading chains of the region. Tamek's products during the fair include; flavored drinks, iced coffee, ready meals, sauces and jams, as well as available in Turkey since the end of February 2018 and also offers Tamek Zinde, Tamek Zinde Detox and Vitamin B fruit juices on the market.

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