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Consumers enjoy trying new products

According to Nielsen's survey under the Selected Products of the Year program, 57 percent of Turkish consumers like to try new products while the 25-34 age group stands out as the age group most open to trying new products

Winning products are determined by consumer votes and carried the Year 3rd time in Turkey Selected Product (NICs), according to the research program under Nielsen's doing, Turkish consumers resulting in 57 percent of the market "new" product trial loving, age group private in 25-34 age group stands out as the clearest age group to try new products. According to the results of face-to-face interviews conducted on 4053 consumers in 12 cities, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, Gaziantep, Samsun, Malatya, Kayseri, Tekirdağ, Trabzon and Erzurum, consumers in the 45-55 age group are the most reluctant to test new products compared to other age groups.

The new product’s price is affects its purchase
Although half of the consumers prefer to try new products, dynamics such as the product’s being reasonably priced, references to the individual by his/her friend and business circles, the desire to try new products affect the buying decision. The study also shows that female consumers are more likely to buy a "new" label product than men. Product satisfaction being the key for the AB group consumers, they state that they can pay more for a new product which will please them.

45-55 age group are the most reluctant
According to the results of the research, the 25-34 age group is more open to try new products than other age groups. Consumers in the 45-55 age group are more reluctant than other age groups to try new products.

Media affects consumer awareness
According to the results of the research, 53 percent of Turkish consumers say they will buy a product with the "Selected Product of the Year" logo. According to the survey responses, the media plays a major role in creating awareness about new products. After the media, online resources such as social media and brand websites influence consumer awareness.

What innovative products did Turkish consumers choose?
The Consumer Innovation Award under the program "Selected Product of the Year" have been bestowed to Kinder Joy in Children’s Chocolate Category, to Pınar Protein Yoghurt & Pınar Protein Milk in Value Added Dairy Products category, to Brodil Herbal Herbal Extracts Propolis Liquid Reinforcing Food in Dietary Supplement Category,  to Bepanthol Sensiderm Itch Relief Cream in Skin Health Category, to Saka Mineral Water in Mineral Water Category, to Fiftea in Drinking Category, to Şenpiliç My Mother’s Meatballs in Processed Chicken Products Category, to Signal White Now CC in Tooth paste category, to Himalayan Nourishing Baby Oil Nutritional Baby Oil in Baby Oil Category, selected by Turkish consumers in 2018.

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