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Balparmak Ballimix has been renewed

Balparmak's innovative product, BallıMix, on the tables again with softer dense hazelnut

Balparmak revived Ballimix, the first product in the series: Ballimix now has more nuts and more easily spreadable consistency.

Ballimix, which is a new, unique and safe option for breakfasts for the moms and will be enjoyed by children, does not contain preservative, trans fat and coloring.

No sugar but honey
Balparmak Marketing Director Dr. Pınar Nokay said that they renewed ballımix in accordance with consumer needs and expectations. "According to the results of the consumer survey we conducted as Balparmak; we have found that 42 percent of the 331 mothers we interviewed gave priority to the natural snacks given to their children and that 32 percent gave priority to the lack of snacks. 93 percent of the mothers who participated in the survey said they felt guilty when they gave their children a snack. With a blend of sugar-free, intense honey and hazelnuts, BallImmix, a brand new alternative, can be consumed by every age group with pleasure and confidence." she said.

Honey from Balparmak, hazelnut from Eastern Black Sea
Balparmak R & D Center's intensive research for Ballimix has been developed as a result: The flavor is excellent, its consistency is easily spradable. 
Balparmak BallıMix meets consumers at 375 grams of glass jars at national markets.

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