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Anı Biscuits are on the shelves of 35 countries

Ani Bisküvi General Coordinator İbrahim Rıfkı Boynukalin evaluated the company's progress in exports

Anı Biscuits, which exports to 88 countries on the world scale, has reached 35 countries in the market shelves. Anı Biscuits General Coordinator İbrahim Rıfkı Boynukalin informed Ortakalan about the subject: 

"We sell our products in 6 countries in South America, 5 in Europe, 11 in the Middle East, 12 of the countries in Africa, and are consumed with great appreciation. The new activity was met with the latest technology wafer production line and the new wafer types and other products were met with great interest in the taste panels made in the markets abroad. We export to 88 countries in 5 continents. We are all over the African continent and in all the countries of the Middle East. We also export to Central European countries, USA and Australia. Our export constitutesv 80 percent of our total endoresment. We will maintain this rate again in 2018, but we aim to increase our exports by 20 percent by increasing our sales both in domestic and international markets. Anı Biscuits has the highest export rate among the other firms founded in Karaman for last 7 years, according to data released by the Turkish Exporters Assembly. To maintain our success and represent Turkey in the best way with the quality of our products abroad is our most important goal. "


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