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An award to ETİ

ETİ's factories were awarded with TPM's 'Special Advanced Practice Award' for its world-renowned quality management system

ETİ continues to produce at world standards while bringing its productivity to the highest level. ETI's Cake, Chocolate and Biscuit Factories have been awarded the "Advanced Special Award for TPM Achievement" (TPM) at the "Total Productive Maintenance" (TPM) Awards organized by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.

ETI, which has been working for 15 years in the field of "Total Productive Maintenance", an original Japanese management system, has awarded the "Advanced Advanced Application in TPM" awards, which was the previous highest level of WCM (World Class Manufacturing). On behalf of ETİ, WCM Senior Manager Murat Çamkoru received it.

Goal to reach WCM level in 2020
ETİ, which manufactures at world standards, has succeeded in winning 17 awards from JIPM in the field of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) until now with its efficiency oriented studies. Thanks to continuous improvement and development approach, ETİ aims to reach to the level of WCM (World Class Manufacturing), which is the highest level of TPM in 2020, in studies conducted in three factories including Cake, Chocolate and Biscuit.

Productivity is increased and economy is contributed
ETİ, with the award of "Special Advanced Application in TPM", brought cake, chocolate and biscuit factories to the fourth level and achieved very important concrete outputs.Through TPM applications, which have become an important part of corporate culture, the production volume of the three largest factories has tripled, while productivity has increased by 44 percent, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) by 12 percent, and proposals by nine times. While customer complaints decreased by 47 percent, accidents at factories declined by 87 percent and accidents by 72 percent. The efficiency of factories has increased and reduced energy consumption per unit by 22 percent.

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