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A first in the world from Gülsan!

A first in the world from Gülsan!

Gülsan Gıda takes over the patent of Calorie Reduced Prebiotic Breakfast Butter, which is the first in the world

Erciyes University (ERU), commercialized one of its own patents "Reduced Calorie Butter Modified Prebiotics for Breakfast" through transfer to one of Turkey's oldest and leading food company, Gülsen Food. Thus, the transfer of ownership of a patent belonging to a state university in Turkey was realized.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the Erciyes Technopark ERU Rector. Dr. Muhammet Güven expressed that the patent transfer, which is one of the beautiful examples of university-industry collaboration, represents a first in terms of being a patent awarded through state auctions. “We have commercialized our Reduced Calorie Butter Modified Prebiotics for Breakfast Patent realized by the Head of the Department of Food Engineering of our university, faculty member Prof. Mahmut Doğan through transferring it to Gülsan Food Firm with the valuable contribution of Erciyes Technology Transfer Office. Being one of the sought-after and beautiful examples of university-industry collaboration, it is yet another first in terms of being a patent awarded through a tender between state universities. I also congratulate our professor who accomplished this invention for his achievements. For the development of our country, transferring the knowledge produced in universities to the industry is of great importance. Erciyes Technology Transfer Office was set up to train new entrepreneurs who will take the responsibility for bridging the university and the industry. The biggest contributor to this commercialization is the Technology Transfer Office. I would also like to thank our friends here for their labor. ERU was founded in 1978, this is the 40th year. Although it was established in 1978, until 2014, no patent applications were made on behalf of our university's corporate identity. In the 36 years since its establishment until 2014, patent applications have been made mainly on behalf of companies whose faculty members have given counseling to individuals or firms. With the establishment of the Technology Transfer Office and starting from 2014, patent applications made in systematic and organized manner on behalf of ERU have begun to give fruit nowadays. Within the past 4 years, 45 patent applications have been made on behalf of our university and 7 applications have been registered, 6 of which are patents and 1 of which is a utility model. We hope that the registration process of the others will take place in a short time. Our utility model, which was the first registered application, was licensed to a private company the last year through the efforts of the Technology Transfer Office. This also was an example among universities. We have also realized the first patent transfer with this signing ceremony. I hope that this will benefit our country, our nation, and our city "he said.

Gülsan Food Inc. Board Member and General Manager Mehmet Güldüoğlu underlined that they wanted to announce ERU’s name in Turkey and in the world: "We are realizing here together the most beautiful example of university-industry cooperation. Hopefully the future will bring more, this would be an example to the Kayseri industry. Hopefully, we want to publicize the name of the ERU in Turkey and in the world once we develop this product and launch it. God willing will be good,” he said.

After the speeches, Rector Güven, Güldüoğlu and Head of Food Engineering, Prof. Mahmut Doğan signed a protocol.

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