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Coca-Cola Beverage produces with 'Zero Waste'

Coca-Cola Beverage produces with 'Zero Waste'

Joining the 'Zero Waste' campaign with its vision of “A Wasteless World,” Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey, switches its production facilities to 'Zero Waste' status and constantly reduces the amount of materials used in packaging.

With its main shareholder Anadolu Group, Coca-Cola Beverages operating in  the Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan alongside Turkey, leads the industry with its ‘Zero Waste’ implementation launched in its factories in Turkey. Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey which joined the mobilization for ‘Zero Waste’ initiated under the auspices Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's wife Emine Erdoğan and the coordination of the Environment and Urbanization Ministry is constantly reducing waste for a wasteless world and adding to recycling. Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey which started ‘Zero Waste’ production in its factory in Ankara will rapidly expand the application to its 10 factories in Turkey.

Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey which hosted the Turkish Republic Undersecretary of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Dr. Mustafa Öztürk and his accompanying delegation in Ankara in his factory within the scope of the 'Zero Waste' campaign, used 15 thousand tones less raw material for PET packaging thanks to its reduction efforts. Coca-Cola Beverages, which uses 30 percent plant-based material in the 330 ml bottles of the 'Damla' water brand, uses recycled material in its glass and aluminum packaging and recycles 54 percent of the packaging it carries on the market. Furthermore, Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey, with recyclable glass bottles, avoided emissions equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 780 thousand trees the last year. 

The project is spreading all over the country
Turkish Republic Undersecretary of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Dr. Mustafa Öztürk stated that the awareness for the prevention of waste formation, for its separate collection at the source and for recycling is rapidly spreading throughout the country. He elucidated as follows: “We first started the ‘Zero Waste Project’ in public institutions and organizations. We are very pleased to see that the Zero Waste Project, which supports our country's unique natural beauty, has spread rapidly to the industry as well. The involvement of a large company like Coca-Cola in the Zero Waste Project will be an example for the entire industry. This is a satisfactory situation."

It produces better quality with less waste
Coca-Cola Beverages continues to grow with its investment figure reaching $ 1 billion in Turkey during the last 10 years and the employment of 30 thousand people it created directly and indirectly. While growing its business, Coca-Cola Beverages, which works to add value to the economy and society as well as the environment, produces better quality by using less resources and producing less waste. Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey which has one of the best ratios of water and energy usage in the Coca-Cola system comprising more than 250 bottler in more than 200 country transparently shares all impact of its operations. Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey is also the first and only Turkish company to be present in the UNGC 100 Index since 2013.

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