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Şölen broke grounds with the brand Ozmo in the child snack category.
 ŞÖLEN ÇİKOLATA    30.05.2018
Gülsan Gıda takes over the patent of Calorie Reduced Prebiotic Breakfast Butter, which is the first
 GÜLSAN    30.05.2018
10 products of Anadolu Efes were awarded 9 gold and 1 silver medals by International Quality Institu
 ANADOLU EFES    30.05.2018
Joining the 'Zero Waste' campaign with its vision of “A Wasteless World,” Coca-Cola Beverages Turkey
 COCA COLA İÇECEK    30.05.2018
According to Nielsen's survey under the Selected Products of the Year program, 57 percent of Turkish
 YILIN ÜRÜNÜ TÜRKİYE    30.05.2018
In the Muse Creative Awards, Banat won the "Gold Winner" prize in the category Consumer Product / Se
 BANAT    27.05.2018
Balparmak's innovative product, BallıMix, on the tables again with softer dense hazelnut
 ALTIPARMAK GIDA    29.05.2018
In 2017, Tamek increased its exports to the Far East 18 percent over the previous year. For 2018, ex
 TAMEK    29.05.2018
ETİ's factories were awarded with TPM's 'Special Advanced Practice Award' for its world-renowned qua
 ETİ    29.05.2018
Ani Bisküvi General Coordinator İbrahim Rıfkı Boynukalin evaluated the company's progress in exports
 ANI BİSKÜVİ    28.05.2018
We talked about the company's work abroad with Marmarabirlik Chairman Hidamet Asa
 MARMARABİRLİK    26.05.2018
Godiva reinterprets the famous French delicacy, macaron
 ÜLKER    27.05.2018
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