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ABOUT is a B2B communication service devoted to fast consuming products.

It is aimed to establish direct, effective, and permanent relations between world fast consuming industry companies and the Turkish ones. was designed by the greatest Turkish professional publisher, Ortakalan. It is a distinctive and an effective B2B communication application for those who follow the industry. It is a unique resource for those willing to have information about Turkish FMCG companies which gradually take a greater share in the world market every year. is the only publication on which you can find special researches on Turkish manufacturer companies. Sol-told companies producing both food and non-food fast consuming products are preferred all around the world for their knowledge, experience, innovation, high quality, and competition power. FMCGTurk is the fastest and the safest way to promote this potential and to get in touch with these companies.

We recommend you to be a part of this unique experience by becoming our individual or corporate member.

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General Director
Babur Akyol

Emre Durdu

International Publications Editor
Alp Durmaz

Software Development
Alp Durmaz

Deputy Editor-In-Chief
Burak Arman

Özlem Elgün Harputluoğlu

Grapihcs & Design
Ortakalan Graphics Services

Legal Consultant
Gülay Aydın

Financial Consultant
İlhan Çelik

Publication Consultant
Zafer Özer

Management Consultant
Serdar Özçelik

Human Resources Consultant
Tamer Altunyay

Foreign Affairs
Serhat Özçelik

Possesor and Editor-In-Chief
on the behalf of Ortakalan Sektörel Yayıncılık San. Tic. Ltd.Şti
Babur Akyol

Bahariye Caddesi, Canan Sokak, No:33/5 Kadıköy / İstanbul / Turkey

Phone : +90 216 418 00 99
E-mail :